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Social media marketing ads are the norm for entrepreneurs both as consumers and company owners, so it’s a good guess that most entrepreneurs realize the energy and reach of Facebook’s targeting capabilities.

Maybe you’ve tried nevertheless it wasn’t as good as you hoped, or even you’re a believer who would like to take your ads one stage further. In any event, Facebook advertising is too powerful to be abandoned easily. There are five crucial considerations to accelerate conversions and ROI.

Facebook has such impressive targeting capabilities, it’s getting scary. Once the basics like gender, age and site, you are able to dive deep into people’s interests and life stages. For example, you are able to target people in the market for a particular car make or model, or attract parents of newborns, or target people at specific income levels, plus interests and lifestyles like frequent travelers or readers of Entrepreneur magazine. Hone in in your audience by specifying as numerous demographic, socio-economic and lifestyle characteristics as you can.

Use Facebook’s Lookalike Audience tool to get the top one percent seems just like your existing audience. During my experience, it will make a big difference with your targeting, because Facebook evaluates tens or a huge selection of characteristics and signals, which we humans simply cannot do.

Facebook now boasts many placement options, from traditional timeline and right sidebar to Instagram, Audience Network and Instant Articles. Audience network is only a network of partners, including various applications that can show your Facebook ads with their apps.

It is possible to select which placement you would like to advertise on and what one you won’t. This matters because different placements hint at different contexts and activities. A mobile news feed is actually suggesting someone that is out and about, which means you know never to offer him or her a 30-minute video or possibly a large app to download. A person scrolling by way of a desktop news feed might be searching for casual entertainment and data. Instant Articles hint at people who like in-depth reading.

But don’t take my word for almost any with this stuff! Just go test everything! A/B tests are super powerful, yet super easy to complete on Facebook today. You can A/B test anything you’d like. Try budgets and bidding strategies, placements, different audiences, even different images and copy within the ads themselves! See what truly works best for your company and your audience. How do you decide which audience to focus on or where you should place my ads? I test many of these things for myself.

Facebook Pixel will be the snippet of code you require attached to your blog to drop cookies on your targeted traffic to retarget them later and discover similar audiences. This little helper makes your Facebook marketing much more effective by tracking conversions on your site. Implement specific Pixels to find out the amount of people bought your products on account of Facebook ad, the amount of leads you got from form submissions, or the amount of people abandoned shopping carts before completing their purchase.

Once you are comfortable creating Facebook ads, dive into advanced options. It is possible to schedule your ads to operate during specific days and times. As an example, you can run an advert for any lunch special on your restaurant to the people in a 5-mile radius during lunch hours. Focus on relevancy!

You may also specify to indicate your ads just to those who are linked to Wi-Fi. When you have a sizable file download or perhaps a video you would like them to look at, make their life easier plus your chance of conversion higher. If you have an app for iOS, go one step further that you can specifically target people on iOS devices.

Facebook packed a huge amount of value in a seemingly simple tool. Should you haven’t experimented with Facebook ads, or used it and didn’t start to see the results you wished, don’t get discouraged. Keep trying. There are so many ways to set up your promotions with various audiences and media that you need to simply experience some learning from mistakes to determine the ideal mix that really works for the business.

You don’t have to spend lots of cash either. I began testing different ads by using a $5 daily budget. Once you find what really works and brings you value back, you are able to improve the budget or run various ads simultaneously.